League of Strangers

An identity for a hot-desking club run by Stranger Collective.

Mr. Gills Kitchen

An identity for a range of texture modified food made with real ingredients and no additives.

Featuring illustration by Jenny Proudfoot.

Radix Communications

Brand and identity for a firm of  technology copywriters. The identity is based around lettering from the enigma machine, and the concept of the work they do being a kind of code-breaking; turing complex technology into useful, beautiful copy for a variety of media.

As well as values, an identity, assets and stationery we made a content managed, content rich website.


An Esker is a raised riverbed, formed under an ice sheet or glacier. When the ice melts it leaves a raised path through the wilderness. That pretty much sums up what this content creation agency does – ventures into the wilderness to forge a new path of branded film and photographic content.

We created an identity for the fledgling brand, and helped them in the process understand what was special about their offering.


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