The place to inspire and be inspired – Cultshare is the social network that’s your own personal art gallery, bookshelf, record collection, movie theatre and more… In partnership with George Mackay Cultshare is our social network for all of you.


Cultshare is a social media platform where users can share the culture they love and tell people why they love it. Think a sort of Pinterest with videos, music, and personal recommendations. It launched in beta under a members only model, in 2014. stay tuned for version 2.0.

The Cultshare Video Shuffle was an interactive watch-youtube-videos-on-the-sofa-with-your-mates night, with 100 or so people. We build a shuffle button which volunteers could hit to choose a random video submitted by Cultshare users. It was a weird, varied and hugely entertaining night.


Songs for Lovers and the Broken Hearted (SFLATBH for short) was a night of music selected by Cultshare users and shuffled by DJs, with an exhibition of artwork inspired by the chosen songs.


Animated event banner (record illustration by


SFLATBH exhibition

Poster – illustration by Nick Radford

Cultshare Exhibitions. We’ve also designed, helped and supported a number of Cultshare exhibitions, organised by the never-resting George.


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