It has finally happened.

To those of you that know me, Venn not having a website is kind of a running joke. The nub of it being that now, finally, after all this time, my mum might understand what I do for a living.

Well mum, we do design and stuff – you can see some of it here. There’s loads more we haven’t put up yet, keep checking back as we’ll be adding more – we’ve got six years of the stuff.

Plus if you really want to keep tabs on us we’re going to keep this section up to date with loads of info on the studio workings. We’re going to tell you why it took so long for us to build our own website. We’re  also going to go deep into our process, how it works, why it’s relevant and why we do things the way we do. If all this sounds interesting there’s already some great stuff on here about our code culture. Ok ok, you’re probably not that interested in that – but Joe put a lot of thought into it and he’d appreciate it if you read it, there’s something for everyone to take away… ok, ok mum.

We’re also going to be telling you about our feeds. No mum – uhhh. Its when we take time out of the office to do new things to inspire us. Joshua has put one up about his adventures in bookbinding, and Andy’s exploration into the world of watercolours is worth a read. Yes I know Stranger Collective did feeding first but it’s really a great thing to do.

If you still don’t get it you can check out the about us page.  No. No just move your mouse to the top of the page and click…Oh god you’re so obtuse!

That’s it – I’m not coming home for Christmas.








Venn Creative, 59-61 Killigrew Street, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 3PF

01326 377 105 | [email protected]