Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…sushi!

When tasked early on in my time at Venn with finding something we could do for a team feed, my brain naturally went straight to food. What better way to learn a new skill and have some team social time.

After shoehorning all seven of us (including a new intern) into Andy’s car we hopped on the King Harry Ferry and over the River Fal to Philleigh Way farm.


A warm welcome awaited us at Philleigh way farm from Naoko Kashiwagi (our tutor for the day) and George, who is one of the two owners of the cookery school.

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Following a brief history of Sushi from Naoko and a demonstration, we undertook our first dish of the day – rolled sushi with tuna and garlic soy sauce. Between us we had some interesting re-productions of Naoko’s finely finished dish – some exuding rice left, right and centre, some rolled to perfection and some a little short and stumpy.

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Feeling proud and excited we sat down and demolished every trace of our efforts – something we came to regret a little later.


Next Naoko made us some okonomiyaki, a type of pancake that consisted of cabbage, grated courgette, shrimp and fish extract, these were particularly favoured by Joe who snaffled the extra four away into his tupperware.

Moving on to the California roll we learnt to tempura prawns and why the rice is on the outside (when Sushi arrived in America, the Americans didn’t like eating black food). This one was a little trickier but again tasted fantastic. Starting to fill we savoured some of our hard work and stashed the rest away.

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Seared tuna with mango cooked up by Naoko came next, the lack of rice welcomed by all.

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Taking a break before our final make we walked up through the farm to see the chickens and horses, the cookery school is based on the family working farm.

Lastly the tuna nigiri, a more basic sushi with tuna resting on top of the rice. Whilst a little simpler to make this one completely defeated us – most of it being taken home for supper that night.

Back over the Fal our day ended with a debrief and pint at the Punchbowl and Ladle.

What did I learn? don’t cut your sushi pieces too big – it can make them a little tricky to eat and that actually sushi is pretty easy to make. Sorry to anyone who gets a dinner invite over the next few weeks, I’ll be wanting to show off my new skills!

You can find out more about Naoko here

Book on to a course at Philleigh Way here

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