Hi Alice!

Meet Alice, our newest intern. Having graduated from Illustration at Falmouth University earlier this summer, Alice is with us for three months. To help us (and you) get to know her a little better we asked her a few questions.

Q: As a Cornish person, what made you want to study in Cornwall?

A: People always think there’s not much going on in Cornwall but I disagree! Cornwall has a huge amount of design and creative industries based here. Just look at Venn Creative! I think that Woodlane campus is one of the prettiest places to study, not many people can say their university is amongst tropical-like gardens. I did visit other universities but decided to stay in Cornwall as the quality of the Illustration degree course is really strong here. Also as a Cornish born student, there’s loads of help and incentives to stay in Cornwall, such as chances for scholarships, which are always helpful!


Q: The best piece of advice you were given for life after uni?

A: I was very fortunate that in my last year at university we went over to New York with our portfolios to design agencies, newspapers, children’s book companies etc. It was actually at the New York Times when being shown around, that the art director gave a small inspiring speech that really struck me. He said to not set yourself up in your head that you are going to have a particular job in 5/ 10 years. Instead make the most of available opportunities now and don’t sit in a mediocre job waiting for this one chance of having your ‘dream’ job. He also said that no matter what you’re doing job wise, you need to make an effort to do something creative every day– even if its just twenty minutes before bed, if you’re going to make it in the creative industry you need motivation to keep creating!


Q: What are your plans now you are graduating?

A: Make the most out of opportunities! I’m still not 100% decided what I want to do, so I’m keeping my fingers in a few pies. I’m making a few pieces of quirky illustrated ceramics in my spare time, as well as other odd jobs designing CD covers for friends etc. I’m still keeping in the possibility of doing a Masters in the back of my mind – something to do with art history or design. At the moment my dream job would be an editor for a creative magazine, or running my own business of illustrated ceramics.


Q: Who or what inspires your creativity?

A: So much! One of my earliest memories was sitting in my Aunts house with my dad, looking through a book on Dalí that was on the coffee table. I’ve been obsessed with his art ever since, the fact that his realistic looking paintings are of unrealistic landscapes and things that turn into something else when you stare at them for long enough is ‘the bomb’, especially for my four year old self. I also watched a David Hockney documentary, which was super inspiring at the time. I was suffering with the pressure of ‘finding my style’, which as an illustration student was something that was quite heavily encouraged. Watching Hockney go through life, not sticking to one style of medium, and just constantly doing what he wanted was so inspiring to watch. It’s also telling that although he didn’t focus on his style, each piece of art you can tell is created by him.


Q: Favourite film?

A: I have so many and it’s constantly changing, but I’d have to say Amélie. It’s just quirky and odd but oh-so-cute.


Cool Fact

Alice had a book published in her first year at uni. Her children’s book, called Armstrong and the Polyphony, was a limited run of 1000 that were sold across Truro Waterstones, Falmouth Book Seller and other local independent stores.

To see more of Alice’s work you can visit her website here.


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