London Surf / Film Festival 2018

Eight years in, and the London Surf / Film Festival is still pushing us to innovate. Loosely based around the theme of “elements of surf” the festival extended its sell-out run to five nights. New trophies, world premiers, legendary surfers and a willingness to innovate, cements the event as one of the world’s leading surf festivals.

LS / FF 2018 Launch Trailer

Taking the theme of elements we decided to recreate the elements of  surf in a small, 6″ x 6″ room at the back of our office. The event gives Londoners with the sea on their mind the opportunity to vicariously enjoy the world of surf – so the concept was a kind of metaphor for the festival itself.

We played around with many ideas before stepping back and thinking about how the elements were first explained to us, in the dusty classrooms of the 80s and 90s. Things like how waves are formed, what creates the seasons, gravity, magnetic north, wind, the sun. 

And so, the studio was transformed into a makeshift lab as we embarked on a host of rudimentary science experiments. What you see in the trailer is a mix of the intentional and accidental results, laid over an epic, cinematic score – all produced in-house.


We applied some of our favourite shots of the film into the nightly posters, to ensure continuity throughout the event.



This year was the first time the winners were awarded trophies. We wanted to to continue on the elemental theme, combining wood, metal and a clear-casting bio resin (similar to the stuff used to coat surfboards).  Bases were prepared by Applyworks and laser engraved by Cut By Beam. The resin discs were moulded, cast and finished in our office.

The Event

Now in its eighth year, this year’s festival spanned five sell out nights and featured award winers such as the legendary Rob Machado.

London Surf / Film Festival 2018
London Surf / Film Festival 2018

Behind the Scenes

Making the film was basically taming a long series of failures. By giving us the time to experiment, LS/FF also allowed us to find something that, we think, is unique.


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