Geevor Tin Mine

200 years of history, modernised.


Geevor is the largest preserved mining site in the country. The visitor attraction allows to experience a huge slice of history, from donning a hard hat to enter an 18th Century mine, to visiting the evocative locker rooms, known as the Dry, which has been preserved in the exact date it was left in the day the mine closed in 1990. We were tasked with re-inventing the wheel – or in this case, the head gear – and create a modern identity that would attract new audiences while still being reverential to the history.

Geevor Tin Mine
Geevor Tin Mine


As part of the refresh, we created a new website which underwent complete content and UX overhaul. We commissioned new photography and video, and integrated a ticket booking system, and wrapped it all in a bright, user-friendly package.

Created in collaboration with Roscoe Communications
Video and photography by Sam Breeze


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